Dessin mongolfière

A home 
where you can
stay together

Dessin de nuages


The house of the Association Intervalle is a warm and friendly place that serves families.

The INTERVALLE home is not a hotel. It is a house where the parents of hospitalized children can stay during the time their child is in the hospital. We have 20 fully furnished rooms available for these families.

Located in a former farm of Béthusy in Lausanne, it offers accommodation to families whose child is hospitalized or is in treatment in one of the Lausanne hospitals. The Intervalle home is situated at a 5 minutes walking distance from the CHUV and 20 minutes by public transport (Bus 6) of the Jules Gonin Ophthalmic Hospital.

Our objectives

Préserver - Association Intervalle


the family life

Soutenir - Association Intervalle


the family in personalized surrounding and a collaborative network

Accompagner - Association Intervalle


through listening and sharing



The garden of Henriette

Only happiness for our young inhabitants. This playground has been specially designed for children with visual impairment or reduced mobility. Many colors, simple games, accessible areas, but especially a playful and educational place. We were able to create this playground thanks to the generosity of the Henriette foundation.


10th Anniversary

The celebration for marking the milestone of our ten years of existence took place on Thursday 5 September 2013. Our optimism, more than ever present now, will push us to improve ourselves during the next ten years. (Henri Corbaz – President of Association Intervalle) Mr. Pierre-Yves MAILLARD, President of the